Helping the user with great user interface intuitive navigation experience.

Understanding what the user needs and goals for a knockout online experience. Our website designer experts are here to help you define the process and the looks.

Personas & Scenarios

Personas & Scenarios

The design process starts with determining the end-user. To have the user as the center of the design process we create personas and scenarios to help understand the needs, experiences, behaviors and goals of a user who will use the site, store or brand.

  • Use cases

  • Journey mapping

  • Research

  • Interviews

Prototyping & Wireframes

Prototyping & Wireframes

This early-stage of design process are an essential part of the website development. We present the design concept and the basic concept to the client though helping them see how the user will interact on the website and showing the basic screen design and content arrangement.

  • Experience design

  • Online preview

  • Canvas creation

  • Interaction Design

Visual Design

Visual Design

We communicate and work together with our client to create the right tone and voice of the brand. Our design team draws from variation of ways on designing to craft an elegant and attractive designs.

  • Web & Mobile UI

  • Responsive Design

  • Email design

  • Landing pages

Site Structure & Taxonomy

Site Structure + Taxonomy

Creating a website that enables users to easily navigate the site. A flawless website design that allows the users and search engine bots to easily crawl your site and rank fast.

  • Sitemaps

  • Menus & navigation

  • User flows

  • Information architecture