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Trends on Digital Marketing on the Time of Digital Darwinism

We define digital marketing as purely promoting your products and services on electronic devices. Digital marketing has obviously dominated traditional marketing by being reasonably efficient and considered easy to access.

No matter what business you have or what product and services you are offering, we have been started using digital marketing. BUT the digital setting has been evolving so quickly that we cannot keep up, companies and business owners need more than just a website and Facebook page for marketing.

It has been proven that having an online presence can help your business successful. 2020 has introduced new technologies and tools that came upfront, making marketers adapt to make their organizations on top. Having an Artificial Intelligence (AI) or Voice Search was just too pushy to have for business before, but now having this innovative digital marketing is an essential move on every business owners.

No business owner or an entrepreneur would NOT say “I want to be on top of any other company in my industry”. Sure thing you wanted to be successful and to do that is to adapt to this fast-changing digital marketing. If you can’t adapt, you will surely be left behind. The reality of what Digital Darwinism is.

“It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change” – Charles Darwin

Digital Darwinism the evolution of consumer behavior when society and technology evolve faster than your ability to adapt. This is the time where the evolution of catching up on how the consumer thinks. Making mistakes on guessing what would be on their head, those methods no longer work. We need to keep up.

Read on to explore digital marketing trends in 2020 that can help your business thrive in the age of innovation.

1. Artificial Intelligence

In the next few decades, Artificial Intelligence or AI will be the greatest tool for a bigger opportunity for companies and industries. In this year 2020, it has starting to dominate by taking the simple jobs that humans usually do.

Artificial intelligence has also starting to be used in business processes and marketing. It has the capacity to analyze data, improve communication, and analyze the behavior of the consumers that can be used to help businesses understand what and how the consumers find their products.

By adopting AI’s, businesses can have lower costs on staffing that can also help them for the growth and getting an advantage from the other companies.

2. Voice Search

Voice interaction has been growing! Of course, we know Siri and Alexa, they are best friends, right? And they’re our best friends too. Imagine 50% of the searches have been done via voice. By 2021 survey says 72% will be owning a voice-activated device that people are using as part of their daily routine.

Voice Search plays a vital role in finding important information that people are searching on their devices. But of course, they are still not as perfect as humans, they still have downsides, which is greatly enhancing. See how this would be affecting every move of a consumer will do, and how it will help business.

Adopting an optimized voice search as part of your digital marketing strategy is a great way for a business. It would also be a boundless experience for a customer that could build a great relationship and loyalty to your brand.

3. Video Marketing

Before, all I know is that watching videos for marketing would make customers get bored. Today, video as your content is not an option anymore, it is an effective digital marketing strategy. Content using texts cannot compete with the impact of video content can give.

These times where the majority use their smartphones to watch videos and share videos compared to before. Businesses cannot just ignore 60% of customers who refer to watching videos to get more information and understand the products and services before they buy. It is not by far that video marketing will be the mainstay of digital marketers.

There are some other video marketing trends that digital marketers have been using now, like Live Video. A lot of social media platforms had integrated live streaming video to create interactive content for personal usage and now it is starting to become a tool for product demos and selling.

4. Programmatic Advertising

For those who haven’t heard programmatic advertising before, well it is basically automating your ad through the use of artificial intelligence or AI. How? Since an AI has the ability to analyze a consumer’s behavior, through programmatic advertising the AI will target more particularly the audience of your ad.

The automation of ad through programmatic advertising allows the process to work fast and more efficient in a way that it results for higher conversion. This changes the aspect of digital advertising, according to eMarketer in 2021 there’ll be 86.2% of digital display in the US will be programmed.

5. Chatbots

The time where chatbots will dominate customer service has come! This 24-hour service has been empowering the customer service of every business that helps them being responsive to their customer is powered by Artificial Intelligence or AI.

The current example of this AI-powered chatbots is the Symptoma site. Sypmtoma will help you diagnose the symptoms that you are feeling. You will be asked for the symptoms and will conduct some tests by asking medical questions. It is like a primary diagnosis, but of course, they still advise for a direct consultation of your doctor is recommended.

As consumers would say that having chatbots gives them answers instantly and it gives them a positive impression for your business. A business that uses chatbots for customer relations will help them get more insights about their customers that can help them continually improve their service.

6. Content Marketing

A good content marketing still matters in the world of digital marketing, BUT the context matters more! The quality is getting more concerned when it comes to content marketing, as GOOGLE is developing a deeper understanding of content. So, digital marketers must think first on the content they will be doing.

7. Social Messaging Application

In business, where your customer, there you should be and make it easy for them to stay connected with them. Businesses from different industries have taken advantage of social media messaging applications like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. In a survey, there are 1.3 Billion monthly users of Facebook Messenger sending about 10 billion messages per month. While there are 1.6 Billion active users in WhatsApp, it sends over 15 Billion messages every day.

These messaging apps allow companies to reach a broad audience with personalized messages. In the coming years, there is more to be expected with marketing in messaging apps, including video and interactive content to engage users.

8. Google Apps: Smart Bidding

The recent trends in digital marketing trends validate that automation is the same in the marketing field. However, because of the ongoing Google Ads updates reported at Google Marketing Live, you may get ahead that automation and smart bidding should set standards for multiple PPC account administrators.

Google Ads depends on machine learning to modernize your bidding attempts so that you get the maximum value on the discussion. The increase reported at Google Marketing Live has allowed your bids to ever seen before with the potential to pick conversion activities to the degree of campaigning appearance.

9. Personalization – Email Marketing

Email is getting more personalized. Email continues to be the main way of communication-based of the number of users for either, personal, business, industrial, or academic purposes. Email marketing with the combination of automation and personalization is important in marketing in the future.

When you trigger your email marketing with something specific. For example, a user is browsing a particular product, with that, you can send a promotional price, a demo video, or personalized email content. That can be very effective. Sending a personalized email can motivate a potential customer to take action.

10. Interactive Content

Interactive content will become more and more effective in getting your potential customer to take action. It is something that the user can click, swipe, or interact online. Experience can give an impact on customers. According to Outgrow, 93% of marketers rate interactive marketing as effective by educating buyers.


To adapt to the fast-changing evolution of digital marketing is not an option but a MUST choice. To adapt the innovative digital marketing strategies that we have is a way for your successful business. Keep up and don’t get left behind.

If you want to talk more about the digital marketing trends for your business, or maybe you want us to audit your current digital presence email us at info@stikadoo.com.ph or CLICK HERE and let’s start adapting.

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