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Stikadoo Launches Navalca Bay Marketplace to Contribute Solution During COVID-19 Pandemic

As one of the entrepreneurs, we cannot just sit and watch the economy falling when we know there is something that we can do to help. Our team at Stikadoo had decided to develop an online marketplace, wherein small business owners can sell their products and services online. This online marketplace is called Navalca Bay Marketplace.

As a freelancer for eCommerce and digital marketing, our business is to solve the problems of your business, and that is our way to gain. BUT in these times that we need to help each other because of the pandemic, we have decided to develop a project which is an online marketplace that could help the business owners.

As we know during the lockdown majority of small business owners are forced to close temporarily their stores. In the following months, some have decided to permanently close their business and news has said some have had already declared bankruptcy. With this kind of situation where we do not know when all these will end, should we just accept the so-called new normalcy?

Why the online marketplace? If you have heard Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and more, then you know what I mean.  The chances that the merchants can get more digital foot-traffic and exposure to potential customers were very high. Since in online marketplace there will be a lot of merchants who will be selling in which this will draw more visitors to browse the website (online marketplace).

What is Navalca Bay Marketplace?

Navalca Bay Marketplace is an on the fly project, developed to contribute solutions in saving the economy and decelerate the spread of the virus by providing an online marketplace where people can still enjoy the convenience of shopping while staying at home. The marketplace focuses on the selling products and services of the local business owners of Surigao City.

Features of Navalca Bay Marketplace

Here are the features that Navalca Bay offers that all sellers can enjoy for FREE:

  1. Sophisticated seller’s account dashboard
  2. Advance management of seller’s products and services
  3. Real-time sales report and insights
  4. Customer most viewed and in-demand products
  5. Chatbot

As e-commerce booms during the pandemic, some marketplaces have greatly benefited, and some have not.  While Stikadoo launches the Navalca Bay Marketplace it does not stop the continuous enhancement and development to better serve the local sellers.  As we know Navalca Bay is not the first online marketplace we have, but on the other side of helping the business owners during this pandemic, we are also introducing the other way of doing business in an innovative way.

“Our plans for Navalca Bay is not just for the needs of today but also for the future. So, when you sell your products with Navalca Bay Marketplace you are also preparing for your business’s future.”

As Stikadoo launches the Navalca Bay Marketplace we are also encouraging other business owners to try an innovative way of doing business not only during these times of the pandemic. If you are a seller who wants to put your products on our marketplace visit www.navalcabay.com, or if you want to start your own eCommerce website and you don't know how? We are here for you! Get in Touch with us and let’s get started.

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