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Choosing Digital Marketing Strategy for your Business During Coronavirus Outbreak

It’s been months that gone by since the coronavirus outbreak, and in these months all of us have to deal with adapting to the current situation. It disturbed not only every family, it brings the financial status of the leading companies in trouble and economic disturbance all over the world. Today, entrepreneurs need to act quickly to minimize the impact of this pandemic on their business. To do it, the company needs to take one step ahead by being attentive to the significances and act consequently. They have to make a valuation of their budget annually and income to generate positive revenue.

Here are some of the Digital Marketing Strategy that you can use for your business:

Websites and Optimization

Having a website is a brilliant marketing tool. It will represent your business in the online world and it is one of the most important digital marketing channels you can use to get more traffic and make more sales. During this outbreak, every business still wants to continually succeed despite the falling of the economy. These times companies have to redefine their marketing strategy. Having a website is not an option anymore but a ‘must-have’, for we are adapting to the new normal of doing business.

Improving your website rank means the position of your website in the search engine. If your website is on the top this will result in an increase in customer traffic. There are various ways to improve website ranking and optimize the business, these are content writing, SEO, and more.

Social Media Marketing

It is very important to establish who your target audience is and what’s the best resources to get their attention is. One of the fastest ways to have effective visibility is through social media. As we know, the majority use social media not only to communicate but to do business no matter where you are in the world. In these times that people have to stay at home, the popularity of social media has increased. Marketing brands on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and more, are really helpful and at this point is very cost-effective. Today, social media had increased by 87% since the lockdown compared before the outbreak. It shows how beneficial it can be for the companies to use social media as their strategy in marketing their brands. With this, it can help establish an increase in customers.

Email Marketing

Before the outbreak, you already have your customers, and during the outbreak what you need is to retain all those customers. Email marketing focuses on retaining customers, as well as gaining new ones. It is a great technique for building brand awareness, keeping your business on the mind of your customers, and encourage them to repeat order. The other essential part of having email marketing as your marketing strategy is that it develop and refine your campaign and grow your audience. Like content marketing, email marketing also focuses on providing valuable information to prospects and current customers.

Mobile Applications

What draws more for a customer is hassle-free accessibility. One of the best ways to offer faster and straightforward access is through a mobile app. As we know a large part of the community owns smartphones which mean businesses can directly communicate with their customers. These guarantees that you provide 24/7 access to their devices. Companies can generate revenue through in-app purchases, advertisements, and promotions.

Marketing Automation

Should you include marketing automation on your digital marketing strategy? You should be! Automation marketing is a system of software and processes that manages your marketing campaigns across each channel automatically, from email, social media to websites, and SMS. It will make it easy to put division to your leads and target them with personalized messages. Using personalized emails can help generate more revenue. Some of the marketing automation examples are personalized product recommendations, reminders via emails, and more. It is a low-cost input it does not need more employees because the software does the majority of the work. On this digital marketing strategy, when a prospect visits your website, their action can be tracked and customized content can be delivered through email, social media, and more. Prospects can also be targeted through text messages which contain the offers that they likely are interested in.


Surviving is not impossible. Thriving for your business to stay on the loop during this pandemic might be strenuous, stay focus on your goals, and take each step cautiously in the right direction. Hence, your company can take advantage of the above strategies to stay on the market during, and even after the pandemic is over.

If you are in the thriving point you can Get in Touch with us and let’s talk about how we can help your business during these trying times.

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