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Advantage of Digital Marketing to Tourism Industry

What is the advantage of digital marketing in the tourism industry? What is there with the tourism sector and digital marketing? Majority of the travelers refer to the internet to get ideas for their next adventures. They visit websites to find the cheapest flight fares, hotel accommodations, and what to do in the places when they arrive.

In tourism, they basically sell and promote their experiences during travel. Marketing tourism of unknown places or less traveled destinations is inviting people to experience what these places could offer. Look how far had tourism reached through digital marketing. For example, marketing through social media, video blog sites with the influencers promoting tourist spots around the world. A lot of places for example here in the Philippines have been discovered and renowned as a tourist spot due to the posts that people see on Facebook, Instagram, and websites.

In this article, you will learn about what are the advantages of having a tourism website, and how can tourism improve a community as a result of having successful online marketing.

Promoting Tourism through Digital Marketing

What makes it more advantageous of having a website for tourism is that it attracts and gives more informative materials that travelers could read on before deciding and helps on planning trips. A website on the other hand is more than just a webpage that you can see on the internet, it is purposeful with all the information that visitors can relate to with all the pictures, videos, and travel information.

Digital marketing is undoubtedly the primary way of reaching out to people and invite them to visit your place. According to research, 95% of the travelers visit the website first to read customer reviews about the places they would like to visit before deciding on whether to go or not.

Whether searching for the best deals of flight transportation, hotel accommodations, what to do’s, there is a lot more with digital marketing that could help tourism.

Keep on reading and discover the advantages of digital marketing for tourism


  1. In Digital marketing we give the opportunity for the travelers to ask questions or queries through chatbots. Being one of the most significant digital marketing methods, chatbots answers the questions of the travelers as soon as possible and gives a personalized experience to the travelers. Unlike conventional marketing such as print ads, TV ads, and billboards which is a one-way approach.

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  1. Digital marketing is based on relationships, keeping the potential travelers engaged. Travelers can give and share feedback whether positive or negative reviews based on their travel experiences. Like on social media as one of the digital marketing tactics, it can create a platform for the user’s to interact and give feedback. For example, influencers giving and sharing useful information, wonderful images of their experiences and reviews, all these can help travel enthusiasts get hooked up and drive them to visit your place.


  1. Digital marketing can help you be on top of the traveler’s searches on search engine results and help build a good reputation. The reality, travelers gets more interested in the search results that are on top. Since potential travelers usually, in fact, 95% of travelers, conduct research to select potential travel destinations before deciding. Using the right keyword, digital marketing can help you top the search engine result list, and being on top means you are a good place to visit.


  1. Digital marketing is a 24/7 marketing, advertising, and promotion. It continuously provides the opportunity to be online day and night, whenever and wherever. Reaching out travelers around the globe is easier, from social media advertising and campaigns to emails directly to your target audience to their laptops and cellphones.

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  1. Digital marketing when it comes to speed, running a campaign via email and social media gives you a quick result. Unlike traditional marketing, it takes time for print ads and mailings to make results.

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  1. Digital marketing when it comes to cost is far more efficient than traditional marketing. No need for the costly billboards, print ads, ads space rental and more just to reach the target audience and attract. In digital marketing, there are PPC ads wherein the cost of your ads will be determined on how many respond to your ads, which are your target audiences.

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  1. Digital marketing mainly helps you when it comes to your presence digitally. Optimizing your presence, get people attracted through the contents such as the beautiful scenery of your place and videos of some influencer’s adventure helps you get people’s attention. Meaning reaching the travelers and making them aware of how interesting is your place is more convenient with digital marketing.

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  1. The biggest advantage of digital marketing is advanced analytics. With the right tools that help you determine the effectiveness of your advertisements and helps you improve your strategy and let go of what is not working.

Digital marketing is very beneficial for both the government and private companies to attract and promotes tourism. What is the common goal for both entities is to encourage travel enthusiasts to experience the beauty of their places.

How can a Tourism Improve a Community?

Using digital marketing unquestionably is a successful strategy in promoting tourism of a place or community. Tourism has a great impact on a community in much of the world.

Continue reading on the advantages that tourism could bring for a local community.

  1. Employment

As numbers of travelers visit your place ore job opportunities shall be opened. This ranges from tour guides, hotel staff, coach services, and restaurant staff. These will also benefit the workers from the local goods sources, like the retail and production section.

  1. Increased Spending in Local Community

There is this so-called multiplier effect on tourism revenues, wherein a large percentage of every tourist dollar earned is restored back into the economy again and again. In a nutshell, the more tourist dollars are coming in the larger the economic benefit for the community.

  1. Diversification

Aside from bringing success to the economy, it also allows us to the growth of a new form of income. Tourism allows the community to expand their sources of income and depend less on a single industry.

  1. Infrastructure

The additional dollars that come into the community also benefits the local governments. The more tax dollars that come in allows the government to develop public projects. This includes infrastructure and road improvement, parks, and other public developments. The better the facilities the better is the feedback of the tourism of a community.

  1. Social Advantages

There is also a cultural advantage in tourism. In most places, the pride of their community like their history and cultural heritage is the tourist attraction of a community. With these, the preservation of this tourist attraction is given importance.

  1. Environmental Advantages

What is the common environmental advantage that provides is offering tours and packages with an environmental twist? Conservation and support for the local area. Sure you must have heard about the traveler's famous line “take nothing but memories, leave nothing but footsteps”.

  1. Opportunities

Bringing more tourist opens more opportunities. A new life for the hopeless and business for entrepreneurs to provide services and products.

Use Digital Marketing to Grow Tourism Industry

Traveling is fanciful at some people BUT for others, they are traveling because curiosity cannot be expunged. For government officials of tourism and a travel and tourism company owner, giving the travel enthusiasts the right and profound information about places can not only help them decide for their travel planning but also help a community.

Collaborating with digital marketing to promote tourism not just as a strategy but a must-do approach for the local economy. Tourists are all potential customers for a country, and with the right approach and strategy in digital marketing, potential can be a promoter of a travel destination. Successful digital marketing for tourism helps improve a community.

Whether you are from government or travel agencies and you want to grow tourism awareness in your locality or for your business, but are not sure how? Feel free to CONTACT US or visit our website www.stikadoo.com.ph! Our friendly experts and specialist are here and are more than happy to help you develop the right strategy for you.

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