Stikadoo -Team

We are the rock you can lean on for your e-commerce and digital marketing.

We are a team of specialists who speaks the language of stability and we make it a goal for us to speak the same language, by serving you with desire to help you grow and scale.

We are fascinating

We have the Skills

We are your team of specialists that is continually adapting in the innovative technology and techniques of today. We take pride of delivering outcome to our clients.

We have the Desire

We are in the business not just to earn but to serve with a sincere desire. We delight of creating and developing a new online stuff and we love sharing it to you.

We deliver Result

VALUE is not what we do, what matters to us is the OUTCOME. We work with our best to deliver only the best for you and your business.

Our Core Values

Value is not what we do

Value is not we do, what matter to us is the outcome. We take action with a 100% of readiness. We work and collaborate with our clients to create and develop the solution they need to solve their problems.

Sincere desire to serve.

We have the desire to serve, we find out what our client needs and give it to them. We help as many people as we can and serve them. Success is classified by how deep is your desire to serve your client.

Our business is your reflection

We are the team who invest in ourselves and risk for all or nothing. We know that our clients take risks and we make it that our vision for success is also your success. Our win is our clients win.

Data not Emotions

No emotions are involved in making a business decisions. Some don’t actually fail, they just feel like it.
We are focused on working with the data we get to help our client make a win.