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Website Design

We helps business owners of small and medium companies design features to make your website easier to function, making your ideas into reality.

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Digital Marketing

We help business owners create compelling advertising strategies and tactics to help you develop your business and reach your goal.

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Web Development

We help small and medium businesses grow in profits and credibility through an e-commerce platform by targeting the right customers to keep your business up and running.

Navalca Bay

Redefine the business to consumer e-commerce experience. Contributing solution for the society by saving economy amidst COVID-19 pandemic.

Navalca Bay - Mobile App


“I never thought how easy it is to manage my business having my own space with Navalca Bay. There is so much more for everyone here, from product management to real-time sales reports. I can even view the in-demand menu of my noodle house.

Irvin Chan / Owner of Station III Noodle House

Orbis Bright

Making the most of hands-free online business for entrepreneurs for this gen Zers and millennials with dropshipping ecommerce.

Orbis Bright - Website

We've built solutions using technologies..






The primary step in designing a successful website is to research or gather information. There are many things that needs to be considered when designing the appearance and how the website should be felt. On this phase questions are asked to the clients to help understand and determine the needs of the website.



By using the gathered information we plan the website. On this phase we develop a site map to guide us as to what content will be on the website which is essential for a consistent developing and to understand easily the navigational system. In this stage also we decide on what technology shall be applied.



This is where we define the look and the feel of the website. Taking in the consideration of the user or your target audience. A website should be designed for easy navigation. In these phase, we integrate the company’s brand, which include the logo, colors, and fonts to help them support the identity of a company on the website.



This is the phase where the website is created. Taking all the graphic elements from the prototype (design phase) and use them to create an efficient and functional website, putting all the contents in the right areas. The client can view the website and suggest changes or correction that should be done.



At this point once all development is done we check the final details and test the complete functionality website, including the forms, scripts, and compatibility issues, like viewing it to other browsers. At testing phase we assure that the website is optimized for proper viewing.



The team will deliver the finish product to the client. On this phase during the delivery of the product will include the submission of the documentation and plans for the ongoing maintenance of the product, including website metrics.



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